Re-opening Procedures & COVID-19 Guidance

St. Mark is open for worship!
Service Times: Saturday 5:30pm and Sunday 9:00am 
Services are also live streamed

For many people, worshipping with others is crucial to their spiritual well-being. Beginning with the early Church, Christians have placed a high value for "corporate worship" (worshipping together as a body, in-person).  After many months of suspending in-person worship services, St. Mark is resuming in-person worship services while adhering to the protocols described below.

Many other people are able to meet their spiritual needs while worshipping at home via live stream and will continue to do so. No one should feel burdened to return to in-person worship before they are ready. What's most important is to follow God’s Spirit and live out how God is calling each of us to worship.

We will continue to assess, and modify when possible, the procedures that have been put into practice to allow us to hold in-person worship services. Thank you for your understanding and patience during this time.  God bless you and however you decided to worship Him!

         Upon entering the building:

1.      All members will enter through the Fellowship Hall on the north end of the building.  

2.     You must wear a mask.  Masks will be available if you forget yours (free).  If anyone wants to wear gloves, they will be available       (free). Exceptions to wearing masks is children under 5.  If you cannot wear a mask, you are encouraged to watch on BoxCast, Facebook, or YouTube.

3.      You will be asked to use the touch-free hand sanitizer.

4.      Your temperature will be taken using a touchless thermometer.

5.      The coat racks will not be available.

6.      As you walk down the hallway, please maintain 6 feet between families.

7.      If you need to use the restroom, please use the hand sanitizer upon entering and leaving the restroom.

8.      If a baby needs changing, please use the room across from the Nursery.

9.      No water will be available.  Please bring your own water bottle.  No other liquids will be allowed in the church.

10.      An usher will provide you with a bulletin and take you to a pew.

11.    Wheelchairs will be asked to stay in the back where the choir sits.

12.    Members will sit in every other row and on the ends of the rows.


         Communion procedures:

1.      Pastor will be the only one distributing wine (in little individual cups) and wafers (wrapped in plastic).

2.      The communion cart used outside will be moved to the center aisle.

3.      You may place your cup and wafer paper in the brown basket.

4.      Offerings will be placed in the other brown basket.

5.      Ushers will release members from the pews.  Please proceed down the center aisle while maintaining 6 feet apart.

6.      You will return to your pew using the outside aisle.


         Exiting the Sanctuary at the end of the worship service:

1.      Pastor will give a final blessing from the front of the church.

2.      Please wait for the ushers to release you from your pew.

3.      Upon the ushers releasing you, you are asked to go directly to the parking lot using the front doors of the church.

4.      No one will be allowed to go down to the Fellowship Hall.  No gathering in the hallway.


         Additional precautions:

1.      All ushers must wear masks and gloves.

2.      For those unable to go up to the altar, special arrangements will be made.

3.      Donna’s office will be locked.  Anyone needing to leave something should place it in the box by her door.


If any member or guest has any questions or concerns regarding the procedures, please contact the church office.