Flocks have already flown....here's what your fellow members are seeing and saying about our fundraiser...

"I had a flocking fabulous morning!"


"I stood outside and laughed when I saw them!"


Join Our Flamingo Flocking FUNdraiser!

January 15th, the fun begins...

In the dead of the night, flamingos will appear in the yards of your friends or family members.

Each of the flocks will have a note explaining how a friend or family member of theirs paid to have them “Flamingoed” in support of  Project 16:49--a homeless shelter for youth. 

The note will also let them know that if they pay a donation (see suggested list below), St. Mark youth will remove the flock and send it to the yard of any friend or family member that they choose.  The flamingos will continue to flock and feed as they migrate from yard to yard!

Pre-order to have your friends “Flamingoed!” or purchase "Anti-Flocking Insurance."  Money raised will go towards care packages (put together by St. Mark youth) for the homeless youth at Project 16:49.

CLICK HERE: to complete our Flocking a Friend or Family Member Order Form

Suggested prices for “Flocking” a friend or family:
Small Flock (6 Flamingos) placed in your friend's or family member's yard - $10
Large Flock (12 Flamingos) placed in your friend's or family member's yard - $20

CLICK HERE: to complete our Anti-Flocking Insurance Order Form

The Purchase of Anti-Flocking Insurance guarantees that no flock of flamingos will roost on your lawn as they migrate around the city during the course of this fundraising event.  Failure to purchase Anti-Flocking Insurance may result in your lawn being invaded by flamingos.

The Cost of Anti-Flocking Insurance requires a premium payment of only $10!

If your yard is "Flamingoed!" call Amy Nelson at 608-449-0379 get your yard "Unflocked."  

Suggested price for "Unflocking" your yard if you get "Flamingoed!":

Small Flock (6 Flamingos) removed from your yard - $10
Large Flock (12 Flamingos) removed from your yard - $20

The flamingoes will be removed from your yard and you may choose to have them migrate to a friend's or family member's yard of your choice.