What to Expect

What's a service like?

A service is "Traditional" in format, meaning we typically use a Divine Service setting from the Lutheran Service Book (LSB).  Special services may use other service settings, such as Creative Worship, Matins, Evening Prayer, etc.

What's the music like?

Hymns and songs are instrumentally led by organ or piano.  Additional instruments, such as flute, may accompany a vocal choir.

How do people dress?

We follow a "come as you are" mindset.  Therefore, people dress a variety of ways.  Some people wear suits with ties or dresses, whereas you'll find others in jeans.

What about my kids?

Children are welcome in worship.  A nursery is available with the service streaming live through a computer.  There are also age appropriate children's bags for during worship.  These can contain books, toys, or crayons and paper for children who like to be a little more active.

Can I take communion?

We partake communion every week.  We believe the bread and the wine are Christ's true body and blood, and in partaking of communion you receive the forgiveness of sins.  Those who believe this and are baptized are welcome to partake.  The pastor encourages you to introduce yourself to him before worship to at least inform him that you'd like to take communion.

Gluten-free wafer are available upon request.

Grape juice (dark colored) is available in the individual cups.

How can I get connected?

There are multiple ways to get connected.  You can find all that information on another page of our website.  Just click here.

Where do I park?

All spots in the half-circle drive nearest the building are handicapped spaces.  The rest of the parking lot is available.  Our main drive is off Mount Zion Ave, which is open all year.  A secondary entrance is off Ontario Dr, which is closed during inclement weather.


As our guest, we want you to feel no obligation to put anything in our offering plate.  It is passed for those who are regular attenders of St. Mark.  Our service is our gift to you in addition to a first-time gift you can pick up just outside the sanctuary doors.