Sunday School:
 Sept 13th we will resume! 

We will be putting together a bag to be picked up 
that will have activities and materials for your children for the month.  

We will also continue the online Facebook live after the Sunday service. 

The September bags will be available for pick up at the church after the August 30th drive-in service. 

To help us know the number of bags to prepare, 
we ask that you sign up your family.  
Please contact Amy Nelson 608.449.0379

Thank you! Looking forward to continuing Sunday school, just in a different way!


Click here for some comforting hymns you can listen to at home.
Click here for a hymnal timeline scavenger hunt!

Easter Resources:

Click here for Christ Centered Easter Egg Hunt

Click here for Butterfly snack ideas for kids - New Life in Jesus!

Children aren't just the future of the church, they are the church!



Worship Bags & Nursery

We encourage the whole family (children & infants included!) to worship together.  Little peeps (or even BIG ones!) bring joy to others.  It's also more important for children to see worship life modeled by their parents and other adults than to have a sanctuary "quiet enough."

To help keep children occupied, we have age-appropriate tote bags filled with books, toys, coloring pages, etc.  I (Pastor Brad) am amazed at how much children absorb during worship, even while they are concentrating on something else.

At the same time, we recognize the importance of a nursery.  For children 5 & under, the nursery is located down the hall from the sanctuary, just past the restrooms.  Our nursery is filled with books, coloring materials, toys, etc.  The changing table is located in the nursery.

We also stream our worship service in the nursery, so if you'd like to be present with your child, you can still particpate in worship.

Every Sunday during the school year, the nursery will have a trained volunteer present.  Saturday night worship will not have a trained volunteer present.  We ask parents to be present in the nursery during Saturday worship.

Sunday School


(Anyone is welcome to join and watch online) 

WHAT:  A short Sunday school lesson adapted for at home use during the quarantine time. 

WHEN:  We will Resume SEPTEMBER 13th! 

Sundays after worship 
(about 10:00-10:15am) 
Facebook Live on the church facebook page.


St Mark Facebook



At Home Resources!

Printable Coloring Pages

345s Family Ministry

This ministry is designed for families who have a child in 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade (hence the name 345s).  Once a month throughout the school year, 345s will meet for a fellowship or servant event to build friendships and begin living as Church.  The whole family is invited to the events, which may include children outside of the 345 range.  The only "requirement" is to have one child that is in 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade, and the whole family can come.

Upcoming Schedule

All events are postponed until further notice.

July 20-23 - Vacation Bible School HOME KITS!