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Thursday Night Bible Study (via Zoom)

Join us for Thursday Night Bible Study led by Amy Nelson as we study The Gospel According to Mark.  We meet via Zoom at 7:15pm.  Click here to join us.  For more information e-mail Amy at:

For more information click here.

Christianity 101: What We Believe

Topic Video Notes
The Bible YouTube Video 01 The Bible (Notes)
God YouTube Video 02 God (Notes)
Sin YouTube Video 03 Sin (Notes)
Jesus the Savior YouTube Video 04 - Jesus the Savior (Notes)
The Savior's Work - Justification YouTube Video 05 The Savior's Work - Justification (Notes)
The Holy Spirit YouTube Video 06 The Holy Spirit (Notes)
Sanctification YouTube Video 07 Sanctification (Notes)
The Means of Grace YouTube Video 08 The Means of Grace (Notes)
Baptism YouTube Video 09 Baptism (Notes)
The Lord's Supper YouTube Video 10 The Lord's Supper (Notes)
Prayer YouTube Video 11 Prayer (Notes)
Social Justice YouTube Video 12 Social Justice (Notes)
Law and Gospel YouTube Video 13 Law and Gospel (Notes)
Worship YouTube Video 14 Worship (Notes)