April Deacon Selected Prayer

For Ministers

Lord God, revealed in the preaching of Jesus

         at the seashore,

         in the city and highway,

         in home and upper room,

         in a synagogue and temple,

         in mountain and wilderness,

         to the sick and despondent,

         to sinner and outcast,

         to soldier and ruler,

         to alien and pilgrim,

         to rich and poor;

Because You have commanded us

         to preach Your Gospel to the nations,

         to shout it from the housetops,

         to speak it in the light,

         to bring Your peace to all,

         to announce the coming of Your kingdom;

We pray You,

         use our ministers of the word

         to speak judgment and

         to proclaim forgiveness of sins

         for the salvation of many.  Amen.

- A Monthly Prayer selected by the Board of Deacons

Pastor Jeske shares why we need a Savior!


We are all sinners who deserve nothing but death and the punishment of hell. That's why we need a Savior--because we can do nothing on our own to change our position with God!

That's why we invite you to grab a friend to watch Time of Grace the week of March 1 for the first episode in Pastor Jeske's series I Need a Savior.

Through this series you'll discover why God loves us . . . and what Jesus' announcement of a "not guilty" verdict truly means for all who believe in him.


So be sure to watch online this week, or click here to find out when Time of Grace broadcasts in your area.

Time of Grace

Dear friend, 
By now you have probably heard that Milwaukee was the scene of yet another mass shooting. Six people are dead, as well as the man believed to be the shooter. More are wounded, including the police officer who stopped the gunman. The site was a Sikh temple in the Milwaukee suburb of Oak Creek; the victims, starting with one of the priests, were gathering for morning worship.

The world is sickened by this outrage. All of us at Time of Grace, as well as all of us in the greater Milwaukee area, grieve with the families of the victims. Please join us in prayer: 

Dear Heavenly Father,

It is with heavy hearts that we approach you today. You designed and created each human being on earth, and each one is precious and valuable to you. How your fatherly heart must hurt at such senseless slaughter.

Lord Jesus, you predicted that over time the love of most would grow cold. How hard it is for us to see your words coming true. Truly we live in the end times. Truly Satan, your archenemy, is revealing himself more and more in his hatred for people and hatred for you. We are all at risk. The times are violent. We need your heavenly protection more than ever. Send extra angels to surround us with your divine protection.

Holy Spirit, let us learn anew from this catastrophe that no one is guaranteed endless tomorrows on this earth. Our time is short. Let us use it well, listening to your wonderful Word, learning of our wonderful Savior, and believing in his wonderful promises. Help us all to cherish each other and love each other now, right now. Encourage us to share the life-giving news of Christ with a new sense of urgency.

Bring comfort to all who are mourning right now. Let this ugly disaster be the occasion for many acts of love and mercy.

We pray in Jesus' name,