“Life is an echo; what you send out you get back”


Every 3rd weekend of the month we will be collecting donations for ECHO. The pantry shelves are very low at ECHO.  Please consider purchasing a few extra items while you are out shopping for families who need help in our community

  - Don Casanova



Deacon Fellowship Coffees

The Board of Deacons hosts a fellowship coffee the last Sunday of each month.  Each Deacon calls the people in their group and asks for volunteers to help with the coffee during their assigned month.  In addition to having another fellowship each month, I also hope this will give everybody a chance to get to know their Deacon.  Thank you.

            Sherry Quirk,

            Deacon Chairperson


CANCELLATION OF CHURCH ACTIVITIES DUE TO BAD WEATHER:  If you are concerned about the weather and wondering if there will be an activity, please listen to WCLO or WJVL on the radio, or check www.wclo.com for cancellations or call your Deacon or a member of the Church Council.   - Rob Plantikow, Congregational Chair