Baptism Policy


ADULTS: (9th grade and older)

  1. Instruction in the Christian faith shall precede Baptism.

  2. In an emergency; military service, death bed, etc., Baptism may be administered after minimum instruction in the Way of Salvation. Additional instruction is required for Confirmation and reception of the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

CHILDREN: (Age 3 through 8th grade)

  1. Children, when presented by parents, will first be visited by the pastor. With the use of age-appropriate materials, the Gospel of Jesus and the meaning of Baptism will be taught to the child(ren).

  2. Every effort will be made to enroll the child(ren) in St. Mark Church Sunday School or Wednesday Church School.

  3. In the case of children not baptized at the time of confirmation, baptism and confirmation may be concurrent.

INFANTS: (Birth through age 3)

  1. With the Lutheran/Biblical belief in Baptism as the gracious water of life (a Means of Grace), all infants at parent's request for Baptism will be baptized.

  2. For the purpose of pastoral care and nurture in the faith, infant children of non- members baptized at St. Mark will become members of the congregation.


  1. The practice of sponsors (god-parents) is a tradition of the Church. The presence of sponsors is not commanded by Holy Scripture.

  2. Sponsors are not (without proper legal designation) the automatic legal guardians of a child. Parents will be encouraged to establish their wills in which legal guardians for their child(ren) are properly identified and named.

  3. The purpose of sponsors is to provide the parents and the child with additional prayer support and spiritual encouragement. This should be duly noted and emphasized.

  4. Considering paragraphs (1), (2) and (3) above, selection of sponsors will be at the discretion of the parents. Sponsors shall be Christians, active in their faith.

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Updated & revised by the Board of Deacons: September 8, 1998


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