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  • Sunday School Starts this week! Join us Sunday Mornings!

  • Join us at Skelly's Corn Maze on Saturday July 23rd. Meet at St. Mark at 1:30PM. We will arrive at Skelly's at 2PM. Cost is $9 per person. Contact St. Mark to RSVP. 

Where You Can Find Us


We are located at 2921 Mt. Zion Avenue in Janesville, WI. We would love to see you on a Saturday or Sunday! Services are 5:30pm on Saturday and 9am on Sunday.

Staffed Nursery Available for young children every Sunday! 

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Youth Group

  • Youth Group meeting times have been very inconsistent lately due to busy schedules of our youth, if you'd like info about YOUTH GROUP contact
  • "Coming Back" Youth Group Sunday, September 8th. Noon-2PM at St. Mark. 
  • If  you would like to be added to our phone/email youth group list please email

Visit the Youth Group page